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Building Homes

Service Trips

Our service trips, ranging from 3 days to a week, are more than just opportunities for volunteerism; they are transformative experiences that cultivate a sense of community while strengthening the spirit of service. Often labeled as 'voluntourism,' these immersive journeys involve living and working in distant communities, pushing participants out of their comfort zones and providing exposure to diverse places and people. Whether responding to natural disasters in New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, or Houston, the visceral impact of witnessing the aftermath and actively contributing to rebuilding homes leaves a lasting impression on both youth and adults. The 16 organized service trips by VVMA staff have exemplified a 'work hard, play hard' ethos, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable experience that makes a tangible difference in the lives of those facing adversity.

Come join us or partner with us to create a trip for your community

Contact Barry Glass at to learn more.

Check out our recent trips! 

Our 2024 Trip to New Orleans

Volunteer Ventures and JLOFT (Jewish Learning Opportunities for Teens) partnered to offer service trips to teens from the Greater Boston area. We returned from our second trip to New Orleans, organized in collaboration with Youth Rebuilding New Orleans who set up our service projects and hosted us. Toegther we rebuilt fences and railings for an elderly couple, bagged recycled glass to help in coastal barrier reclamation, and planted trees.


While our days were busy working our evenings were filled with cultural and educational activities: walking the Mississippi riverfront; attending a New Orleans – Los Angeles basketball game; a tour of the Museum Of The Southern Jewish Experience; enjoying bowling and Cajun music at Rock ‘n Bowl, and a sunset jazz riverboat cruise to name a few. It was a trip that left us gratified by the amazing work we accomplished and the unforgettable experiences of the life and people of New Orleans. We can’t wait to go there again next year!

Our 2023 Trip to Houston

After four days of applying and sanding joint compound, installing insulation and drywall, hanging cabinets, repairing wood, and painting walls, trim and ceilings, Mr. Carter’s home is giant steps forward in being ready for him to return home. For two years after the Storm Uri, he has not been able to live in the house, and his day of return is closer.

The before and after pictures tell the story of the hard work and great care that the parent-teen teams put into their days. Hats off to this crew for taking the time to roll up their sleeves and make a difference in such an important way – to repair a person’s home. And thank you to the SBP Houston crew – Project Leaders Morris and Lamar who guided us through the work with focus, support, patience and humor. 

We hope you enjoy the pictures of our after-work activities, too. We work hard and play hard, get to meet and know new people, build connections across communities, and send messages of optimism and hope for the future! 

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