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Volunteers Packing Food
Volunteers Packing Food

A community that ensures its members have access to nourishing food is sowing the seeds of resilience and empowerment. It's about helping to fostering a society where compassion and solidarity prevail over indifference. By championing initiatives that support our local pantries, we don't just fill stomachs; we fortify the very foundations of a compassionate and interconnected community, where the well-being of one is acknowledged as the concern of all.

1,000 Soup Jars 

What is a soup jar? A soup jar is a nutritious and convenient meal option. These jars combines a medley of vibrant, dried ingredients with flavor and nutrition. Simply mix the contents of the jar in boiling water and the ingredients come to life, infusing the broth with flavors. This nourishing soup jar is designed for those who seek a nutritious and delicious meal.

How are the soup jars distributed? 

 After being carefully sealed, labeled, and packaged, the soup jars are shared with families and individuals through our community partners:

Sudbury Community Pantry

Lucy and Joe Press Food Pantry of Metrowest

Project Soup: Community food center 

Father Bill's & Mainspring Shelters

Our 1000 Soup Jar Project is now in full swing, committed to delivering a thousand nourishing meals to individuals facing food insecurity. Beyond considering it a necessity, we view tackling food insecurity as an important step in building a resilient, compassionate community, so that we all participate in ensuring the wellbeing of each other.


With the invaluable support of our dedicated volunteers and partners, we are thrilled to announce that we're over halfway to achieving our goal.

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