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April Teen Service Trip

Travel service trip to New Orleans with JLOFT and other teen groups, hosted by Youth Rebuilding New Orleans. 

Registration is now open to teens from the MetroWest area in grades 8-9. We are also looking for several parent chaperones.

1,000 Soup Jars

Thanks to our volunteers, supporters and sponsors we have almost

reached our halfway goal!

Our 1000 Soup Jar Project is now in full swing, committed to delivering a thousand nourishing meals to individuals facing food insecurity. Beyond considering it a necessity, we view tackling food insecurity as a pivotal stride in constructing a resilient, compassionate community, ensuring that we all participate in ensuring the wellbeing of our community.


Accessible Picnic Tables

Inclusive and accessible picnic tables hold a profound importance as they embody the essence of inclusivity and shared joy. These thoughtfully designed spaces go beyond mere convenience; they symbolize a commitment to ensuring that everyone is welcomed to enjoy community outdoor spaces.

For additional information on how to be involved or to organize a group event, contact Barry Glass at or Michaela Shamash at

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