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Accessible Picnic Tables

We have launched our Springtime initiative in collaboration with SMILEMass: the creation of accessible picnic tables. This groundbreaking project aims to extend a warm invitation to  individuals with limited mobility to our specially designed tables. It's a powerful step towards inclusivity, ensuring that everyone can engage fully in the vibrant experiences fostered by our community.

By embracing accessibility and inclusivity,  we not only create a physical space but also cultivate a heartfelt sense of belonging and community for individuals with diverse abilities. These tables become bridges to connect people, fostering an environment where laughter, stories, and shared moments can be enjoyed by all- reaffirming the inherent worth and joy each individual brings to our community.

For more information on how to be involved or to organize a group event, please contact

Barry Glass at or Michaela Shamash at



Since the start of this initiative, hundreds of desks have been distributed to students and families in the Boston area. Over 150 volunteer builders have included individuals and groups, parents and children, many from civic and faith organizations. 

Desk Mates was launched in January 2021 and driven by a simple yet powerful goal: to help young students succeed. School closures due to the pandemic and the shift to virtual learning amplified the problem that many students did not have a space to study at home. We wanted to change that. Knowing the impact a dedicated study area can have on academic success, we set out to provide desks for those in need, ensuring every student has the chance to thrive in their education.

 Desk Recipients

Public School Communities
  • East Somerville Community School

  • Hennigan K - 8 School, Boston

  • Gardner Pilot Academy, Allston-Brighton

  • Harmony Grove Elementary, Framingham

  • Mather Elementary School, Boston

Youth Clubs and Organizations
  • Boys’ and Girls’ Club, Dorchester

  • Dorchester Youth Collaborative

  • Family Day Care Providers, Hyde Park

Homeless Resettlement Organizations
  • Fresh Start, Hudson

  • Mission of Deeds, Reading

Homeless Shelters and Sanctuaries
  • Catholic Charities Family Shelters, Boston

  • Father Bill’s and MainSpring Family Shelters

  • New England Home for Little Wanderers

  • New Hope, Inc Milford

  • Project Hope, Dorchester and Roxbury

Other Partners
  • Family Promise, MetroWest

  • Lexington Refugee Assistance Program

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