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At Volunteer Ventures MA, our mission is to harness volunteer energy and spirit to have a direct and positive impact on peoples lives. Through hands-on experiences, we aim to provide meaningful and vital services to our community partners and to individuals and families. Our projects offer volunteers the opportunity to build new skills as they work to heal a part of the world. Together, we aim to help uplift people, to invest in their well- being and to provide hope and opportunity for a healthy and secure future.

                        Volunteer Ventures MA is a Boston-based non-profit organization
           dedicated to creating a
more just, compassionate, and equitable society through
    promotion of volunteerism and community s
ervice programming. By harnessing the
energy and spirit of volunteers - including individuals, groups and families from civic, faith
and business organizations - VVMA aims to assist our community-based partners helping
to uplift people, and address their needs in thoughtful, creative and meaningful ways.


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