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Spotlight on Partnership: JLOFT: Jewish Learning Opportunities for Teens

Volunteer Ventures MA (VVMA) has a terrific service partner in JLOFT – Jewish Learning Opportunities for Teens. Based in the MetroWest area of Greater Boston, JLOFT is a dynamic new program for Jewish teens that offers a variety of classes, courses and programs led by educators and clergy from MetroWest area synagogues. JLOFT holds tikkun olam (repairing the world) and social justice as central to their work as they strive to develop qualities of compassion, creative action and an ethic of responsibility to others in their teens. With that as a central part of JLOFT’s mission, they are a natural fit for partnering in service programs with Volunteer Ventures.

Shoni Aronovich, the founder and director of JLOFT, who has been a committed partner in service programming for years, continues to bring new, innovative and hands-on service opportunities for MetroWest Jewish teens. In just one year, JLOFT has organized three different service programs with VVMA which have engaged over 200 MetroWest individuals and families in service: a desk-building event for JLOFT parents and teens, a shelf-building event for the mitzvah class at Temple Beth El Sudbury, and the wildly popular MLK Day of Service which engaged over 50 families in making much needed food and student desks for various MetroWest nonprofits and schools. These projects were all great fun and productive events and well received by both service participants and the recipients of JLOFT’s efforts.

Thank you, Shoni and JLOFT, for your partnership and work to help repair the world. We look forward to our next project with you!

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